діти is my NFT genesis piece and it will be airdropped to one of the top donators of the klub.eth #westandwithukraine auction
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Daughter of Beirut - a 100 days film project


current project.

Daughter of Beirut - a 100 days film project

When Dr. Farzana Soleimankehl-Hanke (www.farsana.eu) asked me if I’m down to a film project she has in mind, I agreed immediately without any hesitations! If you’ve read her book and you understand what she’s passionate about, you’ll agree when I say: everything she’s doing is a shining example of what we need more today in this crazy world!

Last year I spent most of my free time on listening and learning from the peaceful protest in Washington, D.C.. Those very emotional moments have provided me with unique insights and a lot of inspiration for this new 100 days film project.

I’m stoked, excited and 100% ready for this journey of learning and discovery! Definitely an experience for me, but especially for YOU!

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I live for what I love,

my biggest dream.

This dream becomes reality

thanks to unique projects i do with awesome people

within 100 days (but not only).

I'm a creator and purveyor of digital content.

I'm an ideation and strategy consultant.

I'm a photographer.

And I'd love to hear for what you live.

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