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Hi, I'm Niels. My passion is perfection. I'm a Washington D.C. based digital content creator striving to create phenomenal work through product photography, architecture, arts and portraits. My approach is to create content always of the highest quality available on market. I'm also experienced in creating stop motion and how-to videos. For inquiries and references please get in touch.


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"a new generation of organic cosmetics"


2019 I founded Coscoon GmbH in Berlin. Together with my co-founders Aino and Sonja we're revolutionizing organic cosmetics and sharing unique experiences of how to produce your own organic cosmetics of highest quality. As a business owner i truly know what's important to win your customer's and market's attention. 


(product photos and digital content) 

"digital content you really want"

Do you need someone doing your product photos or video clips highlighting your product? This is my favorite thing to do! As an owner of a cosmetic label i truly know how important it is to have visuals of high quality in short time. Looking forward to get in touch with you!

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